Heiau Dream

Heiau Dream

3x2 Size


Hawaii, Maui
Blue, Brown, Green, Red
On Land
"Heiau Dream"

Photographers: Shayla Middleton
Location: Kahakuloa, Maui

Heiaus are sacred spaces used by ancient Hawaiians for prayer and ceremony. This gorgeous ancient heiau was found when a local gal, Leiohu Ryder, dreamt about its existence. She was told in her dreams that this space had been lost in current memory and was special since it was never used for anything but Healing. One day she decided to walk and find this place of her Dreams. After 3 days of wandering, she found it! It was overgrown with scrubbery, but fully intact. The rock walls were pristine and original. Today it is meticulously cared for by a group of loyal caretakers, who appreciate its history and Mystery.

For more information about this place, visit her website : www.LeiohuRyder.com

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